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    Replacement sash locks and cranks

    My home has 20 or so Lincoln casement windows. My local Lincoln window dealer will gladly take my $500 bucks for all white sash locks, cranks and gear covers.

    Any place I can get these for MUCH...
  2. Re: Programmable Thermostat for in-floor heat

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing Canuk. Our house essentially stays two to three degrees higher than each of the zone temps. So we're holding plenty of heat. And as a matter of fact, the program...
  3. Programmable Thermostat for in-floor heat

    I read through the thread below, but thought I'd start this one as I have a multiple-zone system.

    Here's the set up. Three-story cape cod. Lower level walk out, street level, and upper level.
  4. Recommened plank width for hardwood over radiant.

    Ok, we're in discussions now with the builder and hardwood supplier on plank width. This is new construction. In-floor radiant...not a staple-up.

    Builder and hardwood supplier (highly respected...
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    Aerobic Septic Systems...need advice.

    Hello folks, I am currently in the process of having engineering work done to make application to install an aerobic septic treatment unit.

    The engineering firm and contractor have recommended a...
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    I'm not sure if I should install a humidification system or not. Here is the setup:

    Essentially new construction. We only utilized the lower level foundation and that level's concrete walls. Two...
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