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    Re: Electrical Usage is Very High

    Since the house has been rewired, the electricians might not have "unloaded" the old wiring. Did you replace the junction box? Sounds like a major wiring issue in the 2 rooms. If you can, shut the...
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    Re: Horrific bathroom odor

    Did you put tile down on the floor? If so, the toilet should have been installed with an extended flange or double wax ring. Does the smell come from the base of the toilet? Does the toilet rock...
  3. Downstairs Toilet Bubbles with Washing Machine, Drain to Septic Tank Clear

    My downstairs toilet bubbles when I run the washing machine. With the first load it does NOT bubble during the first drain cycle (wash step), but it does bubble during the rinse cycle and every load...
  4. Re: Sewer smell at 1st floor bathroom, all traps full

    Thanks, I'll try reinstalling the toliet.
  5. Sewer smell at 1st floor bathroom, all traps full

    I have an intermittent sewer smell in my first floor bathroom coming from the toilet area. I have a double vanity, toilet, and shower in the 1st floor bathroom; and a single vanity, toilet, and...
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