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    Re: Find Aluminum Siding

    I've had clients with similar problems. We had to find triple 3" aluminum siding, I spent two days on the phone looking for it.

    I gave up and made the siding myself on a sheet metal brake, it...
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    Re: Foam insulation under shingles

    Most shingle manufacturers won't give you a warranty if the material is installed to an insulated roof deck. They all require an air space. A 30 year shingle on an insulated/ un-vented deck...
  3. Re: Experiences with "rubber slate" anyone?

    This may be a little late, but I'll post it for others:

    I've been installing Eco-Star Majestic slate for the past ten years, Eco-Star is a synthetic slate that's made from nearly 90% recycled...
  4. Re: Best Flat Roofing Material - PVC, TPO, EPDM

    TPO membrane: it's bright white surface, relatively low maintenance needs and light weight have made it very popular. My first TPO job is now 13 years old and it still looks great.
    There are...
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