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    Re: Oldach Wood Windows

    Thanks for the information. I needed to know what not to use. i have to replace the Stop Gap molding on some of these winows. just trying to prolong the life a little longer. of all the windows i...
  2. Re: 10 yr old untreated deck, splinters in feet. How do I repair and save this deck

    did a deck not too long ago that had a small splintering problem.
    go to home depot and rent a pressure washer, and wash the deck real good, be carefull not to get the pressure washer wand to close...
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    Oldach Wood Windows

    Would anyone know what spices of wood was used to manufacture Oldach windows, i keep running into them, here in colorado springs, The company is no longer in Business because of legal reasons. so...
  4. 1897 Victorian House reproduction window glass

    Home owner is looking to replace original windows that are cracked, With reproduction Replacements. Not sure what type of window it it. glass has small distortion features and small air bubbles in...
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