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  1. Re: Anyone else not digging the interior designer?

    I wasn't loving the decor of the Brooklyn house to mush either. I felt the kitchen was way to modern and did not really match anything. Some of the furnishings were to mis matched for my taste, but...
  2. Re: What kinds of energy-saving projects have you completed?

    We save energy by using a clothesline. To us that is the only smart way to dry clothes.

    There is no such thing as an energy effecient dryer.
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    Re: noisy neighbors

    If you are in a old building in New York, and you are renting.
    Just Move.!!

    It is not worth the aggrivation. I live in a old building in Brooklyn and it is Co-OP, I own, and I have had my share...
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    Re: What happened to This OLD House?

    ......and with all this "green" I noticed or should I say I didn't notice that the Westons DID NOT have a clothesline in the back yard. It can't get anymore green than that. Humm, guess I must have...
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