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    Re: Info on American Foursquare?

    We purchase our 1913 foursquare over two years ago and I too went on a search for the perfect historical inspiration. The most valuable info I discovered is that it is a blending of styles....
  2. Re: 1890 Inn Going green? Should I Convert to electric baseboard?

    Ah but if you are going to go geothermal, which I would love to do there are amazing tax incentives right now. And from what I understand the ROI could be about 15 years.

    Can't get much greener...
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    Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?

    Oh so much. So I'll just Stick with the outside. Oh, better yet, outside front yard.

    1. New shutters.
    2. Paint Trim
    3. Strip and finish front porch floor to natural stain.
    4. Build Side front...
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