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    Re: Figure out addition age...

    I'd tend to agree with you but if I were to have an old house, anything I added would be done as much as possible to match the old house to maintain it's character. So I'm sure that others would do...
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    Re: Closet space ideas

    Old houses didn't need much closet space because back then poor folks had 3 sets of clothes at most: The ones you were wearing, the ones being washed, and the ones worn to Church on Sunday. Folks...
  3. Re: Looking for 3 1/4 " Fur flooring to remodel kitchen

    You're going to need a new skill to handle this- scrounging :cool: There are folks who specialize in old salvage lumber who will have what you need, but many of them do not advertise. Their stock is...
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    Re: Cutting concrete pavers

    All good advice so far, but I differ on what saw to use here. The dust created by sawing is going to be highly abrasive and floating right back unto the saw motor cooling vents where it will do no...
  5. Re: joists not resting entirely on replaced steel beam

    Around here, the usual for jackposts is to have the screw at the top- I've never seen one done otherwise. Were this one mine, I'd first check to see that the beam is in firm contact with the house at...
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    Re: Floor Joists are only 2X4

    2X4's are not sufficient for floor joists no matter the span involved. What is needed here is to have a good General Contractor or Engineer to take a look and recommend a course of action to remedy...
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    Re: Knocking in Water Line

    The most important step in becoming a good DIY'er is to know when to stop and call in someone who is more qualified to do the job. You've done well ;)

  8. Re: Blotchy Dull Patches on High-Gloss paint project

    The best results are found by giving a light all-over sanding after the priming is dry because sometimes it raises the grain of woods. If that cuts through the primer, repeat the process. Gloss...
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    Re: butcherblock

    It can be stained but remember that anything used on countertops must be rated as food-safe, which many products may not be. You'll also need to seal it well after staining so that food fats and oils...
  10. Re: What to expect during a remodeling project

    You are quite welcome- to learn how to interact with those who have been on a forum as long as we have before jumping in with what you think will be seen as worthy or acceptable. Nothing you've...
  11. Re: What floor to use on a kitchen remodel if you have Douglas Fir through out the ho

    Fir used to be common and popular here, but now it's no longer stocked at most lumberyards so you have to special-order it. It is available though.

    In the old days, the qualities of a wood...
  12. Re: How to seam together 140 year old pine floors with new pine flooring???

    Where possible I prefer to 'break' old from new at doorways, keeping each room either completely old or new. One of my tricks is to 'steal' old flooring from closets but for 300 Sq.Ft. that probably...
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    Re: Floor leveling

    I wish that were true because that is how it should be done. However there are lots of shady characters out there who install flooring over about anything then blame the future problems in something...
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    Re: Horse Hair and Sand insulation

    Insulation goes behind the wall surface material which generally provides no insulation itself. Built-up plaster of any kind (as opposed to plasterboard or sheetrock) has a much higher "thermal mass"...
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    Re: Deck Chairs

    Doesn't matter so long as we don't post it on the web somewhere then it won't be a secret anymore.

    OOPS! I think we're a bit too late for that. Oh well, maybe they will make a "sticky" of this...
  16. Re: Water getting into walls of house even after roof replacement

    Not being there to see exactly how everything went together I can't offer specific advice, but now you understand why most houses have overhangs however slight they may be. It seems you're roofer did...
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    Re: Damaged Siding Need Help

    The images posted OK. Yeah, we don't like the photo situation either but it's just something we have to live with here. I do wish someone would do some site editing and make this clear for new users...
  18. Re: Keep 45 yo rough cedar siding or re-side with vinyl?

    It's up to you, but I'd avoid vinyl for the reasons already suggested. If you like the cedar then go with it, replacing any warped or damaged pieces as needed all over before painting. This is...
  19. Re: Base board question for the exterior of the house

    It's not really necessary, but there are some considerations here. First is to know that the end grain at the bottom of vertical wood is susceptible to absorbing moisture and is really tough to seal...
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    Re: Moen Single Handle Hex Stripped

    What I use for stripped allens in general is a very extensive set of driver bits; metric, allen, torx, and straight (like for screws). I find one that just barely will not go in, then I drive it in....
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    Re: Antique brass kitchen sink drain

    There was an old standard of 1 3/8" drains way back when, and you can get slip rings to adapt them to use with today's 1 1/2" drain size. Look on the web or check with a large plumbing supply house....
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    Re: no prep paint

    Are you using high quality primer and paints formulated for your climate, and are these compatible with the paint underneath them? Most old houses have oil-based paints on them, and some do not seem...
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    Re: Gap to wide for caulking

    I've used 1 1/2" backer rod for large building expansion joints before but that was many years ago and I was working for someone else so I don't know where they got it. It works as described above so...
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    Re: bad paint job??

    This indicates that you've got more humidity going on than the paint was designed to handle, and it's not coming from paint which was applied 3 years ago. S-W will be more than happy to send out a...
  25. Re: Can I mix brands of polycrylic on same project?

    Painting rule #1: You can't paint without paint So the first thing you do is estimate how much paint it will take, allow some extra so that you don't run out so that all the paint will be from one...
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