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  1. conversion from radiators to radiant floor heat?

    I would like to hook PEX to my old radiator inlet and outlet, run the PEX around the room, put spacers down to lift the new sub floor, and lay down new flooring. Can it be this simple? Water too...
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    Re: Hot water under-floor heating

    No expert here but you may need to think about insulating under the tubing especially over the slab on grade. the concrete is conductive and will suck the heat down away from where you are tying to...
  3. new windows for old house. Need to tear of a bunch of siding?

    I'm trying to retrofit some new windows into my 120 year old house. It obviously has none of the home wraps or water bariers that are common today so I need to know just what I need to do in regards...
  4. Re: replacement windows: Anderson vs Marvin vs Pella?

    I used to work in a Pella plant and was proud of the products we made. But after my parents put all pella windows in thier new house, I can say that the design is lacking something. At least on the...
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