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  1. solid verses stranded wire for outlet grounding

    using 12 gauge wire..
    i am wiring some outlets in a basement, two duplex in a standard 4" square x 2" deep box. i am grounding the box using the bare copper by wrapping it around the screw...
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    12 gauge pigtails, tips on technique

    hello all

    while i feel comfortable doing basic wiring i always find 3 or 4 12 gauge wire pigtails a bit challenging. my technique for a 3 wire pigtail is to strip about 1.5" of insulation, hold...
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    splicing BX/AC to romex


    i have a single outlet on a basement wall run with older AC/BX armored cable,
    i need to extend the run and i will be using romex/NM to to do so.
    i know that the AC/BX in to the junction...
  4. Re: Ash/soot on floor below oil furnace flue pipe vent

    I had a similar problem, turned out to be slight air gaps where the lateral part of the flue goes into the chimney.
    How is that connection? Was furnace cement used to seal the area around the flue/...
  5. hot water heat system, will insulating the pipes help?


    i have an oil furnace/hot water heat system.
    its a smaller home about 1200 sq/ft with 8 hot water heat units on the system,
    a total of about 160' linear feet of 1.5" diameter pipe...
  6. splicing wire, does it weaken the integrity of the run

    if running 12GA or 14GA house wire does splicing for necessary length dilute the strength or integrity of the circuit?

    for example
    i need to run 100' of wire for a chain of outlets and have 3...
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    Re: GFCI in unfinished basement

    Thanks for the input
    If i wish to keep one non GFCI for the pump is my wiring proposal ok?
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    GFCI in unfinished basement

    My research tells me GFCI is now code in unfinished basements.
    I also see many debates concerning having a sump pump on the GFCI, the theory being when needed it could trip with flooding being the...
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    should a GFCI feel warm?

    i ran a string of outlets (8 duplex) in my unfinished basement protected by the first GFCI after installation i ran a brief test, i plugged a flood light in, ran the shop vac, and ran the table saw...
  10. can a GFCI outlet share a box with a duplex?

    i will be protecting a chain of outlets in my unfinished basement through a GFCI in the first box from the panel. must that GFCI be in its own box? i would like to put a duplex in that box also but...
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    Re: branching vs chaining outlets

    i will be using 4" squares 2.25" deep
    are those ok? what would be considered overload?
  12. Re: GFI outlets in an unfinished basement, mandatory?

    my string will have 8 duplex outlets total (4 boxes 2 duplex in each box)
    if i protect the run with one GFCI at the beginning do you think that outlet will be "robust" enough to support the other 7...
  13. GFI outlets in an unfinished basement, mandatory?

    i ran a string of outlets for a workshop in an unfinished concrete basement. is a GFI advisable or mandatory in a basement? the basement does not have any flooding issues, its just a typical damp and...
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    branching vs chaining outlets

    I need to run 3 outlets in my unfinished basement, I will tap into an existing line with only one outlet on it and run towards my intended direction. The layout plan is in the form of a "T" so it...
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    Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    I see basic 14a duplex receptacles in home depot for less than $1.40 while the 20a with the metal back reinforcement are double the price at $3 (i do prefer these)

    While the cost is nominal it...
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    14ga 15amp. Vs 12ga 20amp wires and outlets

    I ran a chain of 5 outlets for a workshop using 12ga wire, the very last outlet on the chain will be switched and used only for fluorescent lighting. Given the high cost of wire can the switch leg...
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    Re: taping into existing chain of outlets


    Is the 13 receptacle for a 20a circuit a hard line rule? Meaning one duplex outlet will count as two receptacles?
    The wiring in question will be for a basement workshop and i was going to...
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    taping into existing chain of outlets

    scenario #1
    if there is a direct linear chain of 5 residential outlet boxes is it acceptable to tap into one of the boxes in order to run another leg with another 1 or 2 duplex receptacles? if so is...
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    Pump in basement for emergency pipe leak

    Hello all

    We have an older smaller home with an unfinished basement with no floor drains. I was looking for an easy, practical inexpensive way to prevent basement flooding should there be leak...
  20. Backflow Preventer vent drip (hot water heating system)

    hello all

    PARTICULARS - boiler works to heat the house and supply hot water, system is about 15 years old with no significant problems to date.

    the cold water supply line feeds into a WATTS...
  21. emergency pump in basement in case of burst pipe

    I plan to install an emergency flood pump in my unfinished basement in the event a water pipe,hot water heater,or relief valve on the furnace should let loose. I have had the unfortunate experience...
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    Re: wiring outlets in a chain

    thanks for all the great replies i learned a lot.

    one other method i forgot to include for a "quad" is to feed from the top of outlet #1 jump from the bottom of # 1 to the bottom of #2 and feed...
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    wiring outlets in a chain

    i plan on wiring 5 or 6 outlets indoors in a chain, i will be using 12-2 NM wire with a metal 4" box. i need clarification on a few points before i proceed please.

    1)for a single duplex outlet in...
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    good "repair mortar" recommendations

    any recommendations for a good general purpose REPAIR MORTAR
    for holes in floors, walls,cracked step and wall corners etc.

    i tried basic sakrete mortar but realize this is basically useless for...
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