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  1. Re: Can I reuse windows removed from one part of the house and install in another

    There's no great difficulty in salvaging windows for reuse. Your rearrangement plan could, however, run afoul of the egress requirements of the life safety code, If it results in smaller windows...
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    Re: Neatly Re-Hanging RG-58 Cable?

    TV cable can also be buried under ground. Just be sure to slip on a short piece of conduit where it enters the ground to protect it from weedwackers.
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    Re: Butcher block shrinkage

    A substantial amount of seasonal movement should be expected with a butcher block counter no matter how well it's sealed. This movement can be enough pull apart even silicone caulk. Securely...
  4. Re: Condensation between insulation and wall

    The outer wall construction has nothing to do with your current condensation. In a northern area like Detroit when insulating a wall with just a vapor permeable material like fiberglass or cellulose;...
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    Re: Attached Garage condensation

    My guess is that you somehow managed to get the exterior walls and doors of the garage more tightly sealed than the adjoining wall to the house. Water vapor flows from the house to the the cold...
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    Re: Roof sweating

    The excessive amounts of ventilation in a drafty old house make it nearly impossibly to accumulate any humidity in a house during the winter. Once you tighten up a house, it becomes easier to raise...
  7. Re: Heat Loss Thru Huge Stone Fireplace Chimney!! How to....

    If your sick of the snow rake; it's time to put up electric heat cables. I think of heat cables as a method of last resort but they're called for to deal with certain trouble spots and design flaws....
  8. Re: Wintertime Attic Frost and Insulation, how to address?

    1) the joint between the fan box and plaster was probably left poorly sealed or not sealed at all. if the gap is under a quarter inch it can be caulked. if larger you can tape the joint from below...
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    Re: Exposed insulation question with a twist

    If you have the the head room it would be better for sound control to frame in a drop ceiling with 2 by 4s. If it's several inches out of level to avoid a duct at one end that would be even better...
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    Re: Controlling hydronic heat

    The frequency with how often the boiler cycles on and off can be adjusted on the thermostat. With old analog t-stats there is a small lever on a dial behind the cover. With the new digital...
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    Re: Exposed insulation question with a twist

    n the northeast putting fiberglass batts between the basement ceiling joists with 6 mil polyethylene on the underside to hold it in place can create near perfect conditions for fungus to grow on the...
  12. Re: blow in cellulose or take down plaster and use fiberglass insulation?

    Keith, as to the math of how to get a 50% reduction of fuel by insulating walls. Von-steuben only said the walls were uninsulated to begin with not the entire house. Walls are often the last place...
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    Re: Lake house/crawl space and H20

    Even if you have 5 inches of water in your crawl space due to poor drainage or a high water table; the musty moldy crawlspace problem may be cause by the intrusion of high outside humidity into the...
  14. Re: Waterproof coating on the inside of a fieldstone foundation

    In the northeast basement wall dampness limited to the warmer months is almost always caused by humidity that leaked in from the outside air condensing on the cold basement walls; Not by water in...
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    Re: Hardwood Floor Gap Forensic Analysis

    I suspect the hardwood might be an engineered floating floor with a hardwood surface rather than traditional solid hardwood. With floating floors the boards are glued or snapped to each other but...
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    Re: Icicles and open eaves

    Small round vents are commonly installed in the blocking between exposed rafter tails. If you don't like the look of the vents I suppose boards could be fit between the rafters a couple inches out...
  17. Re: Wood Window Repair : Removing Parting Bead Question

    Loosen the lower portion of the parting bead. Push it back into place. Lower the upper sash to the sill. Then you can work the parting bead loose starting from the top. With the upper sash all the...
  18. Re: Old house, no insulation, mansard roof, confused by recommendations.

    There are a few reasons that a roof should not be insulated as if it were a wall.

    1. A well ventilated airspace is very useful in preventing ice dams.
    2. Even if that roof slope is too steep...
  19. Re: Chestnut for countertops - good idea or not?

    Chestnut is much softer but also much more decay resistant than the maple used most often for wood butcher block counters. It would be a poor choice for a chopping block but should be fine for...
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    Re: Insulate brick from outside

    There are a few types of injection foam insulation that can be injected through small holes drilled in the mortar joints of brick walls. There needs to be air spaces in the wall to inject the...
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    Re: Casing around un-plumb door

    With a lath and plaster wall, the plaster behind the casing can be cut loose from the lath to allow the casing to meet the jamb without a jamb extension.
  22. Re: How can I insulate over plaster walls without demo

    If your existing wall is already has blown in insulation adding insulation to the inside whether foam board or fibrous between studs is rarely economical for the a previously stated reasons, But...
  23. Re: Old house, no insulation, mansard roof, confused by recommendations.

    Boston, MA is zone 5 not Zone 4. Insulation recommendations are based on a "typical" house. They are based more on the "typical" cost of insulating than on the relative heat loss through that...
  24. Re: Basement Heating Options - I Need your Advice!

    Heating the basement will certainly help heat the rooms above. Heat rises. It won't help much with bedrooms over garage. The the ductwork may be zoned or balanced to better heat the bedrooms. If...
  25. Re: Thermostat reading 10 degrees too high - wiring issue?

    Heat uses only the W and Rh terminals. Rc Y and G are used for air conditioning and fan-only settings. A warm wire to the Y terminal indicates a malfunction of the air conditioning circuit....
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