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  1. What nightmares could all these mirrors present if taken off?

    This is the small bathroom in the home we are purchasing. We want to take the mirrors down before we do our main move in. The first pic shows the mirror above and to the side of the sink. The other...
  2. Re: Need help! Bathroom smells like sewage everytime I open the door!

    Maybe someone else can tell you if this makes a difference or not. This is ONLY an Opinion and in NO way fact. We are renting a house in the country and on a septic tank instead of a sewer system. I...
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    Re: Removing varnish from oak stairs

    We removed varnish from oak furniture with alot of intricate work. As the posted above stated about having to strip it several times is VERY true. We took our pieces from a DARK varnish down to a...
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    Re: exterior paint removal

    Oh, geez. I hadn't even thought about the lead paint aspect of removing the exterior paint on the 1940's house we are getting. I just wanted advise on removing the paint. Can you just strip it off...
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    Re: Exterior Trim Colors

    You're in the same confused state as we are. It is so hard to think what would look good on your home.
    We are in the final stages of purchasing the home I have posted on. The seller allowed for...
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    REALLY need some input...

    My husband and I are in the last phase of buying this house and are trying to get ideas on colors and accents that might help improve the look. We don't know if Shutters would add or take away. We...
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