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    Re: wall insulation in old home?

    Beads are a PAIN in the butt. You will fight with them till you move out of the house. Not to Minchin the next to nothing R-Value. We used to blow beads in to cement blocks on commercial work and...
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    Re: Blown insulation in walls

    Injection Foam can be installed through a 3/4" hole from the outside in the mortar joint; after the hole is patched it is hardly noticed. Or it can be done from the inside with a few small holes in...
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    Re: Lathe & Plaster Wall Insulation

    injection foam could be your answer. You may want to check with the building department about the knob and tube. injection foam has been used in lots of homes that use it and they have had no...
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    Re: Adding insulation

    Cheap is not always the best, when in doughty get more quotes, you should really think about getting an energy audit. They can pen point the problem areas and also find other areas that need to be...
  5. Re: Should we use spray foam insulation in a 130 year old house?

    It sounds to me that you are thinking about this a little to hard. If the siding on the out side is in good condition, tight to the studs and to it's self, a good coat of primer and quality paint,...
  6. Re: Help: my house is a swiss cheese of recessed lights!

    a easy way is to make a box out of 2" thick rigid board a little bigger than the light fixture. tape all the seams with foil tape, then replace all the light bulbs with compact fluorescents. or you...
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    Re: Insulation Question

    Injection foam will work in your home, it is 60% closed and 40% open cell so it will breath. But if you say that you can see daylight out side, i think that you may want to conserder tightning up the...
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    Re: Improve insulation

    it sounds like your foam was not installed properly. if you knew who installed it, or what product they used, that might help. I would try to contact them, they should come and refoam it.
  9. Re: adding ridgid insulation to exterior of home

    injection foam should cost about the same as cellulose, but with a better R-value that won't settle. what ever you put in rigid board should be applied over the studs with no furring to create a...
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    Re: New to this Forum

    you might think about injection foam, it has a higher R-value than cellulose and will not settle over time.
    i'm sure someone is close to you
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    Re: formaldehyde free insulation

    you might weigh your options. alittle formaldehyde, or more R-value? Formaldehyde is every where, you are most likely around a bunch of it right now. Insulation Shouldn’t cost, it should pay
  12. Re: Existing Foam "loose", and unaccessable crawl

    old injection foam usally is in Ineffective. low R-value, Formaldehyde (Amino-plast) and carelessness by the installer. you might try to find out who foamed it and when, they should have a warranty....
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    Re: Tripolymer Insulation

    Tripolymer is open and closed cell, 60% open 40% closed.
    The only economical choice for a retro fit application
    very efficient
    highest r-value 5.1 per inch

    there still has to be an...
  14. Re: Adding foam insulation to wall cavities that already contain fiberglass insulatio

    injection foam is just that. it is injected under pressure allowing it to push the fiberglass that has a low R-Value any way, out of the way and replacing it with an R-5.1 per inch. far exceding...
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    Re: Moving heated air with inline fans?

    i hope that you took in to account for smoke in your house. hope that you have a few smoke detectors being that close tho the celing!!!!
  16. Re: Adding foam insulation to wall cavities that already contain fiberglass insulatio

    he is right, fiberglass has a R 2.8 per inch and tripolymer injection foam has a r-value of 5.1 per inch. Are you going to worry about a small gap? That is the down side with glass in the wall but...
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    Re: Insulating walls with Asbestos Siding

    injection foam could be your answer. it can be installed through at least two 3/4" holes. one at the bottom and one at the top, you could think about crown moulding. BUT this all depends on how good...
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    Re: N.E. Ohio Insulation Q

    you could have Tripolymer injection foam instaled. it has the highest r-value for retro fit applications, and fire resisent.
  19. Re: Insulating lathe and plaster walls in brick house

    Tripolymer injection foam is 40% open cell. this lets any moisture drain or evaporate away.
    Tripolymer can be installed in 3/4" -3" holes. a bigger hole means more patch work. we use 3/4" holes in...
  20. Re: Blowing Cellulose into Wall with Some Insulation

    you may want to think about injection foam. that way you won't have to redo it in year
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    Re: Insulation Cost Analysis

    you should check with Mike from New Hampshire foam. he works with some energy audit people and he sprays polyurathane, and injection foam
  22. Re: NO insulation in 1965 bi-level. How far do we go?

    two pound polyurathane will create a vapor barrier and give you the best R-value per inch 7.
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    Re: Fixing Basement Insulation Problem?

    you could put ridged foam board on the block a few feet down. or have some one spray 2# polyurathane in the bonds and down to atleast the frost line
  24. Re: have to raise cement floor 2 inches but want to insulate

    you could find some one that will lift the concrete with polyurathane. it will lift it and give you the r-value. if it is deterioriated you could use a bonding agent and pour a "cap" over it, or i...
  25. Thread: Help

    by foammaster

    Re: Help

    if all the old insulation turned to powder than in can be reinsulated with injection foam. do you rember the name of the old foam that was used???. if i were to bet it was a Urea – formaldehyde based...
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