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  1. 3 switchs (1 dimmer) how to wire and proper light switches to use

    Afternoon, my entrance lights have 3 switches

    1 at the front entrance
    1 at the garage entrance
    1 at the entrance where the entrance hall meets the dining room

    They all control the entrance...
  2. Lights dimming in home office after installing new Laser printer

    I just upgraded to a laser printer and since plugging it in, the lights in my home office are constantly dimming. I know laser printers use more power, but I am not sure the reason behind the...
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    Sound proofing baby's room

    Hey folks, thanks in advance for any response I may get from this thread.

    I am building a new room using 2X3 framing (non of the walls are load bearing we are just splitting a room up) to make...
  4. Building a bedroom in the attic - Ontario Canada

    OK so I have an attic with what I believe are W trusses, I have read through one contractors website showing how this could be done
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    Re: Virbating ducts after turbo fan install

    Thanks, I'll try for the rubber mount option, as for the second suggestion, I installed the unit myself, itís very easy, literally centered the hole cut out template to the venting (which is approx...
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    Virbating ducts after turbo fan install

    I needed to increase my air flow in the house as I wasn’t getting adequate heating upstairs and at the end of a long run, (house is only 5 yrs old with a 90% efficient Armana furnace) since I...
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