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  1. Re: Heavy Mud Knockdown Walls.. anyway to make it less 70/80s?

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    I just had one question... by floating did you mean just leaving it as is after scraping?

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    Re: 42" Vanity


    I'm currently shopping for vanities too... unfortunately its true, the standard sizes include 36" (sometimes 37") then jump up to 48".

    However, if you used a 36" then you'd end up with 6...
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    Re: Desing Question

    I had a friend that was in a similar situation. You know the nasty old dorm desk/bunks? With the desk and file cabinet (or perhaps couch) down below and the bed lofted above it?

    Well they didn't...
  4. Re: To Tub or not toTub....That is the question.

    If its your only bathroom it might be a good idea to keep it - having a tub in a downtown area is a bit of a luxury, at least in some cities.

    If its adjoined to the main or master bedroom you'll...
  5. Heavy Mud Knockdown Walls.. anyway to make it less 70/80s?

    Any ideas or tips on how to make heavily textured sc****d-mud walls a little less vintage 80s?

    I'm pretty limited in budget and want to keep the scale fairly small since I have 2 bathroom...
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