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  1. My minimal bath: Six feet of fixtures and a door

    My house was built in 1920. The second floor walls don't line up with the downstairs walls. I suspect that the second floor was all open at one time. When they put in the bathroom, they put up a...
  2. Wet room or wall-less shower? Have you done this?

    I think they call it wet room in the UK. I think it comes from Universal Design. But it seems to offer many advantages.

    Here is a link to a picture
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    Re: digging a new garden

    With that slope, you might be able to plant a rain garden. Of course, this only works if you like asters and sedges, etc.
  4. Re: sparking black and decker cordless drill

    thanks for the reassurance

    Now as soon as the rain stops, I can fix my leaky gutters.
  5. Re: sparking black and decker cordless drill

    Thanks, feel v. reassured.

    As soon as it stops raining, I can go fix my leaky gutters.
  6. sparking black and decker cordless drill

    I bought a cordless tool kit made by Black and Decker. It includes a 24 volt cordless drill and a 24 volt cordless circular saw and a power pack or whatever you call it.

    After charging up the...
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    Re: Rain Barrels

    Where did you get the barrel?

    The city of Madison sells nice ones for $75, but I would rather have one for $25.

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    Re: Gutter Problem

    Maybe you could try gutter apron. I am replacing my fascia board and am also replacing the drip edge (looks sort of like a 'k' when you look at it from the side) with a gutter apron (looks like an...
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