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    Yard Decorating Nightmare

    I have some major problems with exterior yard decorations:

    a) They never hold up to the winds; what's avail out teher to keep my lights ont he house
    b) I have a phobia about plugging things it...
  2. Re: Senior Editor Deborah Snoonian wants to know...

    I shop off-season. I got to Duane Reade or Walgreens right after holidays for decorations and giftware at 50-75% off. I shop for outdoor structures and furniture when autumn hits; same for grass seed...
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    Themed rooms

    What kinds of themed rooms have you guys created in your homes? I want to do an Egyptian room, that is subtle (NO MUMMIES OR TOMBS), but obviously shows my love for ancient Egyptian history. I'd also...
  4. entertaining in a small space

    I don't have the biggest home, but everyone always manages to gather here during the holidays. Do you entertain in a small space? How do you manage serving food, drinks, and keeping people...
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    Sticky: Using the Dremel for Pumpkin Carving

    Anyone ever do it? Any tips/ photos of your work?
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    Rooftop Gardens

    Not to be confused with a green roof, I am interested in putting together a rooftop garden in the city. I have no idea where to begin. Any tips?
  7. Also...any 4th of July weekend outdoor games?

    Any game suggestions? Fun things to build?
  8. What happens to outdoor kitchens in the winter?

    I'd like to install an outdoor kitchen in my yard for 4th of July and the rest of the summer, but what happens in the winter? Is it worth installing in the northeast? Do I have to build a canopy for...
  9. Re: CFL Bulbs: Love 'Em, Hate 'Em, or Both?

    The buzzing and whirring can be a pain. And, I hate that they don't fit into some of my lamps and sconces.

    My lampshade is at a forever tilt because there's no round bulb for it to grip onto. How...
  10. Visiting gardens for inspiration

    With people NOT going on vacay this summer, there's a lot of discovering local gems going on. That includes visiting local gardens and estates.

    There are private AND public gardens open. What are...
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    Toh In Nyc!

    This should be good:,,20205059,00.html
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    Organic Gardening Tips

    I've heard that planting certain things, and that certain household foods and drink can be used as effectively as synthetic pest repellents. For example, beer attracts and exterminates slugs. Any...
  13. Home Planning/ Improvement Software and Web Applications

    Can we get a list going of things like Google Sketchup? Any landscaping software or programs and painting programs. Even budgeting software and remodel planning recommendations.

    I'd like to know...
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    Yes Animals! No Pests!

    I'd like to draw butterflies, birds, etc to my yard, while keeping PESTS away.

    Is there a way???
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    Spring cleaning

    Where do I start? Is there a typical procedure?
  16. Books and Conceal bookshelves

    Books are the only things I give myself a limitless budget on. They're the only things I can buy without feeling crappy afterward:) Since I'm such a fan, I searched for a functional way to make them...
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