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  1. Re: Replacing drywall window jambs with wood jambs

    Just a quick note. I recently replaced the dry wall jams with casing on a whole house. I would at the very least remove all the corner beads from the dry wall. It will help alleviate the taper that...
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    Re: What happened to This OLD House?

    I to am dissapointed with the direction of the show. Not only are the projcts high end but, they always have to talk about being "Green" and recycleing. Lets face it, no one NEEDS these huge homes...
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    Re: Looking for dimensional PVC

    Not sure what you mean by "in bulk"? On This Old House I've seen them use Azek ( many projects. Its a cellular PVC Board. Also the big box stores are starting to stock PVC boards.
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    Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

    I'm also disapointed with the high budget jobs on the show. And what happend to the home owners doing some of the work. Also seems like my TOH magazine has become TGH (This Green House). While I love...
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