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    Re: Copper vs CPVC vs Pex - which to use?

    Copper isn't exactly an environmentally-minded DIYers dream either. Open-pit copper mines are the largest in the world, and it's really important for a lot of other stuff as well.

    When you...
  2. Who's laid their own herringbone hardwood floor?

    The web is a bit sparse in the way of DIYers laying their own herringbone floors. The herringbone-cut wood flooring itself was tough to find as well, but I'm ready. Now the wood sits in the room for...
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    Re: Installing new bathroom tile over old??

    It's definitely possible. I've done it in my bathroom. There was a recent episode of Ask This Old House where Richard helped a guy install a shower basin, and the homeowner said he was simply tiling...
  4. Their square cut oak floor, hand nailed

    I just finished the episode where they were laying the master living room floor, and in addition to the cherry trim, they were using some square cut oak with no tongue-and-groove, and then they were...
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