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  1. Re: How to optimize insulation investment - Fiberglass vs Foam

    Hi .
    Go by the R-Value ( resistence to heat loss ) .
    Spray foam will do a much better job , R-6 per in. thick ,
    and it also seals gaps and cracks better . You can spray foam
    right on the roof...
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    Re: Insulating rafters in 1920's bungalow

    Only foam the roof deck if you are going to make the attic
    heated space , otherwise put more insulation in the floor of
    the attic and make this a cold space in the winter . You
    also have a power...
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    Re: heating options for winterized back "porch"

    Re: your back porch , winterized . Consider spray foam or
    rigid insulation under the floor . these products do a lot
    better job than batt insulation for this particular
    situation . The density of...
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