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  1. Old wash machine ? Recycle the tub as fire pit.

    Before you recycle washmachine remove the stell tub from inside to use as a portable fire pit.Ecellent heat radiated trough all the tiny holes.Great for the beach , campping, or just lounging in the...
  2. Old wash machine ? Recycle the tub as fire pit.

    Old wash machine, before you recyle remove the steel wash tub from inside.tub will make excellent portable fire pit for the beach ,camping ,or backyard. The holes in the tub radiate better than...
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    how to build waterfall fill for bath tub?

    I have 1/2" supply comming from shower valve shower valve is desinged for shower and spray jets. two water control valves the control valve for the spray jets has two outlets the valve is a moen 3...
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