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    Re: Half of my house on one breaker!

    My house was built in the 60's. same thing. I had a porch light on one fuse, and the 3 bedrooms on another. Its just shotty work and likely the contractor did not have the inspection done / cronism. ...
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    Re: Water dripping from bathroom fan

    I had the same problem. I tried re sealing around the fan 2-3 times with a wide swath of flashing to no avail. It did not quit until I replaced the roof. How old is your roof? I would of course get...
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    Re: What to do with these walls?

    And remember in a house that old the existing dry wall probably contains lead. This is particularly an issue if removed improperly creating a lot of dust, and especially if children are in the house....
  4. Re: Bathroom sink leaks 12 oz after vacation, huh

    Thanks Tim , not a bad idea, but I don't want my water heater to drain itself. It think it might do so if I turn off the main. Besides this is the same amount of water on only one faucet. What could...
  5. Bathroom sink leaks 12 oz after vacation, huh

    When we leave the house we turn the gas hot water heater down to the lowest setting, and the thermostat down to 55 degrees. When we return we find a puddle of water, 12 ounces under the sink. Its...
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