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    Re: drawer slide source
  2. Re: Need HELP with patching a large wallboard hole!!!

    Spruce has given good advice. The only thing I might add is- If it is 27" horizontal hole there should be at least one vertical stud to attached to...

    You really need to have something to...
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    Re: Water dripping from vent pipe

    Who much water are we talking about? A cup a day or a cup a week.

    Sometime small leaks are hard to find. One thing that helps is to wrap a paper towel or toilet paper around the pipe and come...
  4. Re: Pre-emergent crab grass inhibitor/Episode ATH-523

    I did not see the episode you are talking about but it sounds like it may have been Tupersan. Tupersan is a preemergent that can be used at the seedling stage. It has been a while since I have used...
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