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  1. Re: Do I need to replace Honeywell T87F 2873 thermostat?

    Thank you so very much for the advice. I will find someone who can do these things for me. The info is so very much appreciated! :) :) :)
  2. Do I need to replace Honeywell T87F 2873 thermostat?

    Thanks for reading. We have what I've read is a good old thermostat. It is a Honeywell T87F 2873 3 model. The problem is the heat will not kick on when it should. The air conditioning works...
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    No tub hot water in condo bldg

    I hope someone can help me here. We have no hot water (only a trickle) coming from our bathtub. The cold works fine and the other faucets work okay. Water pressure has always been an issue in the...
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    How do I get our elevator inspection done?

    Please help. Our elevator inspection is overdue by six months. Last time it took 3 years to get done even though the city is required to get it done every year. When I inquire, they just say we're...
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    Can't Get Channel 3


    I have an old TV with a converter box. This means I have a TV clicker that turns on the TV and gets me to channel 3. Then I have a converter box clicker that changes the channels. I...
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