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  1. Re: Can strand mix with solid of same gage in circuit?

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the responses.

    Unfortunately, everything here has to be conduit - residential too. I'm getting used to it, but it sure adds time and planning to the job for a...
  2. Can strand mix with solid of same gage in circuit?

    I'm putting a new 20 amp circuit in as part of a basement refinish project. I bought roles of 12 gauge black and 12 gauge white wire that looked identical on the shelf. As I started running it...
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    Re: Ground Wire to Water Meter

    Thanks guys.
    I think I can get it done pretty quickly, and can run juice to a few bright lights off a generator. Will definitely throw the main and disconnect from the box. Also can get the new...
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    Ground Wire to Water Meter


    I need to re-route the ground wire that runs from my fuse box to my water main. It is running through conduit, so I will have to temporarily disconnect the ground wire and pull it back...
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