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    Pump in basement for emergency pipe leak

    Hello all

    We have an older smaller home with an unfinished basement with no floor drains. I was looking for an easy, practical inexpensive way to prevent basement flooding should there be leak...
  2. Backflow Preventer vent drip (hot water heating system)

    hello all

    PARTICULARS - boiler works to heat the house and supply hot water, system is about 15 years old with no significant problems to date.

    the cold water supply line feeds into a WATTS...
  3. emergency pump in basement in case of burst pipe

    I plan to install an emergency flood pump in my unfinished basement in the event a water pipe,hot water heater,or relief valve on the furnace should let loose. I have had the unfortunate experience...
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    Re: wiring outlets in a chain

    thanks for all the great replies i learned a lot.

    one other method i forgot to include for a "quad" is to feed from the top of outlet #1 jump from the bottom of # 1 to the bottom of #2 and feed...
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    wiring outlets in a chain

    i plan on wiring 5 or 6 outlets indoors in a chain, i will be using 12-2 NM wire with a metal 4" box. i need clarification on a few points before i proceed please.

    1)for a single duplex outlet in...
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    good "repair mortar" recommendations

    any recommendations for a good general purpose REPAIR MORTAR
    for holes in floors, walls,cracked step and wall corners etc.

    i tried basic sakrete mortar but realize this is basically useless for...
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