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    Re: LED 60w Outside Bulb Help Needed

    LEDs pay for themselves over the life of the bulb.
  2. Re: Incandescent to LED? What are the options for all the enclosed lights in the hou

    LED bulbs are available now for use in enclosed fixtures. The problem is that even though LED light bulbs are cooler they are also more sensitive to heat than incandescent and CFLs.

    These LEDs...
  3. Re: Running Ethernet Wire Behind Lathe & Plaster Wall

    Should you have to drill there is a flexible bit on the market that bends and will allow you to drill holes that you otherwise couldn't. Google flexible bit to find them.

    I have successfully used...
  4. Re: Electrical wiring along ceiling behind rafters

    You didn't specify the size of the rafters but if you decide to drill holes in the rafters drill in the center of the rafters, this will minimize any weakening of the rafter.
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    Re: 2 lights in backyard not working

    Ditto on the volt meter. Also sounds like you might have a bad neutral connection but get the volt meter.
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    Re: Small Subpanel Replacement

    For your lighting load as described 14/2 on a 15 amp breaker will be enough.

    For your entire panel 10/3 on a 30 amp breaker will be enough. If you add more receptacle circuits or believe you...
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    Re: Preventing damage from lightning strikes

    Surge protectors can be installed in your service panel, they look like circuit breakers and can help. You can buy more sophisticated systems as well. Have it installed by an electrician.
  8. Re: Is Use Of Electrical "Raceway" Acceptable

    In my experience it is easy to "fish" wires into the walls of old homes. However there may be problems with access. The best solution would be to cut a channel for the wires in the wall, run new...
  9. Re: 1953 Home With All 2-Prong Outlets - Complete Re-Wire, or is GFCI Sufficient?

    GFCI receptacles are a legal fix if you want to install three prong receptacles. They do need to checked periodically because they do wear out. Although there is no ground it is considered a safer...
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    Re: Can I rewire armored cable wiring?

    Chances are fairly good you won't be able to pull out the old wiring since the old wiring insulation tends to glue itself to the BX metal sheath. If you start trying to pull it out you're likely to...
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    Re: Should I replace all BX cable?

    I'm jumping in a little late but am concerned about one of your posts.

    Just because your tester says you have a ground doesn't mean you have a good ground. If you don't have the little bonding...
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    Re: DIY home wiring, bad idea?

    This comment reminds me of a job I worked on at a new church that had a 400 amp service. The EE designed the job with an entire wall of filled with switchgear. All that was needed was circuit...
  13. Re: Is this the House Ground? And What happened?

    I cannot tell what this is from the picture. I see pieces of metal but offhand it does not look like the ground to me. You need to get someone out to assess what has happened.
  14. Re: 14ga 15amp. Vs 12ga 20amp wires and outlets

    What JLMCDANIEL said.

    However don't put a 20 amp receptacle on 14 wire.

    If your breaker is 15 amps then you can run #14 wire to your last receptacle otherwise #12 all the way through the...
  15. Re: Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    Like brrichter said you can only use a 20 amp receptacle on a 20 amp circuit.

    If you're looking for quality then buy commercial or spec grade receptacles, different name for the same thing. They...
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    Re: Bath Fan/Light wiring question

    If you have 240 volts present the pop would have most likely been accompanied by the light bulb filaments burning with a blinding flash of light and, in some cases, throwing the breaker.

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    Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

    I have one further comment. Based on my experience in houses in which people have several appliances on their kitchen counter I decided if I ever wired my own house I would install four instead of...
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    Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

    In its day knob and tube was considered a safe wiring method because the neutral and phase conductor (the hot wire) were separated by a stud so they couldn't touch. I was working on a house just...
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    Re: Help! 3-way switch to 2-way

    Your two three-way switches are connected by, most likely, a three conductor cable. Turn the switch you want to keep to the up position. Get a tester and go to the switch you want to abandon. Find...
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    Re: DIY home wiring, bad idea?

    There is a lot you can do yourself such as installing boxes and the romex (wire). The unknown is how knowledgeable your in-laws are. There are some simple code requirements involved in running the...
  21. Re: Can you adapt a fan light as a ceiling light?

    I studied your diagram.

    This seems to me to be an illustration of how to fasten a light kit to a fan since there seem to be two pull chains (I) (N) and (D) is so large. If that is what it is then...
  22. Re: Can you adapt a fan light as a ceiling light?

    314.28.C - page 70-183. I seem to have started a firestorm here. I think my concern is obvious. If the box is not completely covered then wires are exposed. The standard light kit doesn't...
  23. Re: Can you adapt a fan light as a ceiling light?

    I agree with most of what you posted, however your criticisms are unfair. I pointed out there is no legal way to do what he wants. This is important information. I then explained in my answer to...
  24. Re: 14/2 Source to Splice feeding outlet from 12/2?

    There is no problem using larger than necessary wire. The only issue I see is someone thinking the wire can handle a 20 amp circuit breaker and replacing the circuit breaker with a 20 amp one.
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    Re: cord ejected from electrical socket?

    Usually this smell is burning wire insulation caused by a loose connection at the receptacle. A loose connection can result in heat which burns the insulation. The noise could be an arc from the wire...
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