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    Re: Dual Insulation?

    FYI, I also posted a reply to a posting I made about a problem with my ducts. From what I've heard in this thread as well as that one, I'm going to have an HVAC guy come and check it all out so I...
  2. Re: Furnace Room's Fresh Air Intake Comes From Attic

    OK, I appreciate the feedback. I'm glad I got curious and poked around up there. I'll get an HVAC guy involved.

    From what I've now heard I'm just shaking my head. We're the 3rd family in this...
  3. Furnace Room's Fresh Air Intake Comes From Attic

    I see that the ducts for the fresh air intake for the furnace room go up to the attic and pull the air from there. There is no filter on the ends of the ducts. It seems to me the ducts shouldn't...
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    Dual Insulation?

    My 10-yr-old house has poor AC in the top floor (basement, main, top floor). I checked the attic and found it to be 130+. The AC ducts for the top floor go through the attic. They are insulated, but...
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