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  1. Re: Window Latch screws not holding...and glazing quesiton

    I'm not asking for new windows...or even for them to look like new. I like the charm and character the old windows give to the place. However, there is rotten wood on a portion of a few of the...
  2. Window Latch screws not holding...and glazing quesiton

    I am about to purchase a 1920 home with the original double hung windows. During inspection we found several of the window latches, on the top sash, were not installed (they popped out) or were very...
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    Re: Toilet Tank with no bolts to Bowl

    I gave up searching yesterday.

    Realized that the old tank was 5 gal/flush and I'm wasting water.

    Just bought new and installed.
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    Toilet Tank with no bolts to Bowl

    I have a toilet, stamped 1948 on the inside of the tank.

    The flapper deteriorated, and I can not find a replacement. It had a very strange connection.

    In trying to see where the flapper seal...
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    Re: Vapor Barrier holding Water

    The insulation is not wet.

    The area is near an opening in the exterior wall (in the attic for cross ventilation). I too thought wind blown snow, but the insulation was not wet.

    Looking from...
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    Re: repair plaster ceiling or add sheet rock layer?

    I'm a big fan of trying to keep the original plaster in old homes.

    However, I'm also a big fan of saving money where I can.

    These two conflict.

    The molding should hold up okay if removed. ...
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    Vapor Barrier holding Water

    Northern Illinois home built in 1905. Previous owner removed lather and plaster ceiling and replaced with drywall, with vapor barrier. Insulation is above vapor barrier in attic.

    We noticed...
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