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  1. Re: Retro-fit... Brrr...cold concrete kitchen floor...HELP!

    Has anyone had experience with Utility Costs of electric radiant floor mats under tile? In our 17 x 20 north facing kitchen, would our heating bill skyrocket?
  2. Re: Has anyone out there used Linseed Oil Paint for your house exterior?

    Thanks so much for the input. We are trying putting Zinc White in the product now to see if it hardens the surface better.
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    Re: Our kitchen/house remodel

    Awesome! Great Job!
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    Re: Shevling for windows

    dj1 put you on the right track. I did a simple one in my utility window at the halfway mark. We installed boards on either side of the window jam to rest our shelf on. I had recycled glass shelves...
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    Re: My Habitat build

    Nice experience. Nice story. Thanks for sharing. We have been involved with some of the Joplin, Mo tornado rebuilding.
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    Re: making garden around home

    Studies show that working in one's yard bring more stress relief and lifts ones mood more than a remodeling project. Imagine that!:)
  7. Re: Refinishing old doors. Need information.

    Have you tried an Infrared Silent Stripper and the accompanying scraping tools? I use both and the scraping tools are the best, because you can find the perfect shape. I probably use the boomerang...
  8. Re: Tiling bathroom floor with DITRA Underlayment

    We used a similar, but different, product in our guest bathroom instead of concrete board. It has worked wonderfully for 5 years and we have no cracks in our grout lines between our 2" tile. DITRA,...
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    Re: Gas Logs

    If you still want some security, go out and buy a carbon monoxide/smoke alarm and install it properly in the room. It gives a little piece of mind to those of us with ventless gas logs.
  10. Re: Advice about changing insurance providers

    There was a lot of good advice. I have been one to be loyal and not change carriers often, but the advice to shop around regularly is correct. I like to watch the ratings of financial security and...
  11. Has anyone out there used Linseed Oil Paint for your house exterior?

    We been working with a Linseed Oil Paint from Sweden for a couple of years. Love the theory, but our wood or our climate doesn't like the paint. In S.W. Missouri and stripping exterior down to bare...
  12. Re: Adding Charm To A Cookie-Cutter House

    Without seeing a picture, I would suggest putting pizzazz to the entry door with color. I have a white house,130 yr old. with dark green shutters and my girls are telling me to make the white front...
  13. Retro-fit... Brrr...cold concrete kitchen floor...HELP!

    All of our house has a crawl space, but our north facing kitchen. It was the old billiard room and it is cold. It registers 53 F right now when the rest of the room is 73 F.

    Before we put in...
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    Re: Please help with attachments

    This is 2014 and I struggled again and again trying to post pictures to my house style, before googling for help. Thanks for all the info. I'll get my daughter to help with photobucket.
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    Re: Bulb planting problems?

    My problem is with a bulb that is naturalized in my lawn. It is Star of Bethlehem. It is the first to green up so in the early spring I have splotches of bright green which we call "grease grass",...
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