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    Controlling Humidity without HVAC?

    Is it possible to control the humidity in my house without an A/C unit. I ask because a lot of people don't have AC units in their homes. I've been told that because I'm not living in my house yet,...
  2. Re: Who to call to diagnose attic ventilation / insulation?

    Did you resolve this problem? The only people I know of is a structural engineer. He will cost about $1200 in my area just to do an inspection and provide a report as to where the moisture is coming...
  3. Re: Installing Range Vent and Bathroom Vents

    Thanks Mike. the the roof the preferred exit for the stove vent?
  4. Installing Range Vent and Bathroom Vents

    I have a gas stove and I'm insalling a Range vent hood. The handiman who is installing the hood is adding a flexible vent through the roof. Is the roof the best or only exit for the range?

    I read...
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