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    Re: sleepers or new concrete

    I think the sleeper idea is excellent. Did you use treated wood?

    I have a similar problem. I have a two story that I am working on where 35-40 inches is below ground In the original Kitchen area....
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    Re: What's an improvement?

    You may consider opening a wall up to complete your design. It is in style to have a very large shower but to do without a bathtub is another question. If you have a 2nd bath with a tub you may want...
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    Re: Bathroom floor layers

    In my opinion I would not tear out anything that is not rotten You may need to use a hand chissel and a carpenters square to get to some of the tight spots. I would use the concrete backer board...
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    Re: What's on your must-do list in the spring?

    The first thing I usually do is to clean the yard from debris and trash. I usually go over the lawn with a long magnet to pick up stray nails.

    The second thing I like to do is making a list of...
  5. Re: Any possibilities of changing table stain color and finish?

    If the stain is darker than you like you may have problems. You may want to consider stripping the pice just as if it were completly finished, Allow everything to dry at least 24 hours before putting...
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