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  1. Re: Drywall over plaster is cracking or seperating

    So far, everything done in this house was a shortcut. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to correctly fix everything. Even if we took out a home improvement loan, yes the value of the house...
  2. Re: Drywall over plaster is cracking or seperating

    Thank you. We've got a lot of work to do! :(
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    Re: Laminate Question about Install

    The floor graudally slopes. We have a michigan basement so part of the basement is dirt. Kinda like a crawl space. The room that slopes is under the crawl space-dirt part. The two level rooms are...
  4. Drywall over plaster is cracking or seperating

    About 9 years ago (the previous owners) installed drywall over the plaster throughout the whole house. The house was built in 1910 and has the really nice trim throughout (unfortunately painted). ...
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    Laminate Question about Install

    Sorry for the long post....We recently had a commercial company come out to give us an estimate on hardwood floors in the 3 main ajoining rooms (DR,LR &FL) on our main level. A little history: our...
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    Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

    We just recently found out that there are tracks in the wall for pocket doors going into a room we just converted into another bedroom. The doors were missing however, we have found some of the same...
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