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  1. Thread: GFCI Problem

    by Blacklab

    GFCI Problem

    Hello from an electrically-challenged senior, who should know a lot more than she does after all these years:

    After 2 years of use, my basement freezer has started to trip it's circuit breaker. ...
  2. Re: Overhead Porch fixture with 2 complete circuits

    Thanks for the response. I'm not sure about the rest of the house. I do know we have replaced fixtures that weren't as old as the one I'm currently replacing and they were grounded. How would I...
  3. Overhead Porch fixture with 2 complete circuits

    We are trying to update our overhead porch fixture probably wired about 1975. I failed to notice how it was
    wired when I removed it. It has two complete circuits, a black and white wire each plus...
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