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    Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

    We have installed 12 condensing boilers, both foreign and domestic, over the last 10 years. They all work great. None of them are Slant Fin; a company known for their fin-tube radiation and cast iron...
  2. Re: How to insulate above radiant water heating in ceiling?

    We consult on old radiant systems, design and install new ones as well.

    The answer is insulate with reckless abandon. Radiant heat does not need a "radiant" barrier. In fact if it touches is...
  3. Re: Hydronic radiant flooring in basement

    There is almost never a good case for a dedicated boiler for a basement-only radiant floor. We have installed dozens of systems in the Minneapolis area and literally thousands in the suburbs using a...
  4. Re: all in one Rinnai hotter boiler and on demand hot water

    You have to do the math. Oil to natural gas is usually a good move saving money on fuel. If you have an oil boiler with a tank-less coil you would benefit from nearly any replacement be it indirect...
  5. Re: I need some PROFESSIONAL help with Home on top of slab

    An uninsulated slab will conduct heat to the exterior and feel cold nearly all the time. We design and install many retrofit radiant floors here in Minneapolis and use several surface mounted...
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    Re: Air Conditioning an Old House


    We specialize in hot water heat and answer your question with Unico, SpacePak and on occasion mini-splits.
  7. Re: Removing a section of Baseboard Permanently

    A professional should perform a Manual 'J' heat load for each room. The outcome will be more than predictable if the system is measured and re-designed for the new load.

    A local professional...
  8. Re: Replacing Cast Iron Radiator with Toe Kick Heater

    All proper hydronic designs and alterations begin with an ACCA Manual 'J' heat load. We avoid toe-kicks when ever possible as they are not radiators and lack the comfort thereof. We prefer to install...
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    Re: Alaska: stay true to heat load?

    Heat loads are prepared for a reason, i.e. you don't have to guess. We perform ACCA Manual 'J' heat loads for every house we install a boiler or furnace in.

    Your current radiation will not get...
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