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    Entry Door Replacement

    My entry door and two sidelights need to be replaced. The door and sidelights are all separate units and not one unit. The major problem is some structural damage due to water leakage. Part of the...
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    Securing deck board edges.

    I am replacing my deck. The footings and framing are contracted out but I will be doing the decking, railing and seats. I will be using a good grade treated lumber or cedar. This is a low level...
  3. Re: Builting New Deck. What material should I use?

    I have done some research on composites and several of them have had problems with mold, Trex being one of them. This was back in 2007 and I would assume that they have changed the manufacturing...
  4. Builting New Deck. What material should I use?

    I live in Apple Valley Minnesota and it can get to 100 degrees in the summer and down to -25 degrees in the winter. I am currently demolishing my old 20 year plain deck made from treated lumber. ...
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