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  1. Random Noise in Pipes - Coming from below the main shut off

    We have tried our best to figure out where the noise in the pipes are coming from. We have discovered that where our shut off valve - we thought the pipe went directly down in to the grown. ...
  2. Random Noise in Pipes - Not the Furnace

    So, we had our heating and cooling people to the house yesterday and they said the noise is not coming from the furnace. In fact, the noise happened when the gentleman was here and he said the noise...
  3. Random Noise in Pipes - NOT THE WATER HEATER

    Not sure if you're keeping up with all my post. But if not see Random Noise in Pipes, Random NOise in Pipes - Expansion Tank, etc... Tonight we turned our water heater to pilot. And we still hear...
  4. Update on Random Noise in Pipes - Expansion Tank!!!

    Hi All, well, I have an update for you about the noise we have been experience in our pipes. We had a new plumber come to our house on Monday and reduce the pressure PSI is now set to 52. However,...
  5. Random Noise in our Water pipes - UPDATE

    We had a new plumber come to our house. He reduced our PSI to 52. However, we still get the noise. The plumber is suggesting that we get a new PRV, one that will allow for expansion to flow back...
  6. Re: PRV - Do we need to reduce the PSI

    The plumber came today and did exactly what I thought he would do. He reduced our PSI down to about 50 psi. Lets hope we don't get the noise....
  7. PRV - Do we need to reduce the PSI

    We got a new Pressure reducing valve put in our house. We are still getting some noise on our pipes. The PRV is set at 60 psi - could all we need is just to reduce the pressure to stop getting...
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    Gate Valve

    my main shutt off valve to my house has a gate valve. Could that cause my pipes to rattle if it has gone bad?
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    I was wondering what the different color switches mean on my fuse box. Like for instance my fuses for lights and outlets are blue. My washer machine is red... what do the colors represent?
  10. Re: Random Noise in our Water pipes - Challenge - Help nothing is working

    We have tried everything. We have turned our neighbors house's water off - we still hear the noise. Our plumber suggested that it could be their furnace banging on our pipes. We turned the furnace...
  11. Expansion Tank Do we or Don't we

    I have a post below regarding a random noise in our pipes - challenge. We finally got the townhouse next to us to turn their water off for 24 hours (the house is vacant). However, just in case we...
  12. Re: Random Noise in our Water pipes - Challenge

    We just found out that our neighbor's (we have a townhouse) furnace humidifier valve is stuck open. (the house connected to ours has been vacant for the past month.) My plumber thinks that the...
  13. Random Noise in our Water pipes -help nothing is fixing the problem

    This all started in May... one night our pipes started banging so loud it felt that our townhouse was going to burst. We tried to shut off the main water supply to our house and the noise seem to...
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