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    Re: Exterior wall venting

    You also want to make sure that you check shingles in multiple locations. Some of the moisture may be because of the peeling paint and/or wet conditions in your area.
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    Re: Danger, Will Robinson

    This is definitely one for a licensed electrician. There are options for installing a ground that don't involve tearing up your walls, but you want to get a professional opinion.
  3. Re: Brand new replacement windows leak cold air!

    It sounds like you had installers who didn't know what they were doing. Many of the window replacement companies use subcontracted crews for their installations and their standards can be low.

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    Re: Shower Base

    If you do build your own base, make sure you take the waterproofing up the walls to the height recommended by the manufacturer. We've seen showers that were ruined because the lower area of the wall...
  5. Re: Anchor vent on wall tile with too large an opening?

    You may also want to try using a different tile around the vent to create a border that would disguise the larger opening. The tile would need to be complementary to what you already installed.
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    Re: hole in kitchen floor

    If you could post a picture, that would help.
  7. Re: threshold on my new sliding door is 3" higher After New Slider Was Installed

    Totally agree with the posts above. The repair should have been done by removing the damaged areas and doing the repair so that the fixed subfloor is at the same height as the existing subfloor.
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    Re: Wood Floor/Sub floor hole

    Kind of a far out answer, but it may be possible to reinforce this area with expanding foam insulation. If you can get at it from below and put some foam in the area, it may give you some support.
  9. Re: How to make kitchen island smaller

    Great advice that the best way to do it would be to take it to a custom cabinet shop. If that's not an option, the only other way to go would be to check if they are separate sections of cabinets...
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    Re: Sanding original wood floors

    Before you refinish, make sure you check out the depth of the floor boards. It's not too likely, but in some cases these floors have been refinished several times and the floor boards have gotten...
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    Re: First time Home Owner!

    It's definitely true that you may be opening a can of worms. That being said, if you open up the walls and deal with what you find, you wont' have to worry about it in the future.

    One other item...
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    Re: appropriate period flooring?

    That's a tough question - there are a lot of possible answers.

    Is there any chance you could ask some of your neighbors if you can take a walk through their house. If they have a similar style...
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    Re: no room for towels

    The advice about the chimney flue is on target. It's not a great idea to go that direction.

    You can also try installing a high shelve for your towels. You can use baskets to store towels as well...
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