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    Compressing f/g insulation

    If I use fiberglass batts that are thicker by a few inches than the wall space, will I lose insulation value?
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    Placement of refridgerator

    In thinking about where to locate our kitchen refridgerator, rather large for the size of the room, the best location appears to be in a corner in front of baseboard heating -- about 4 feet of length...
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    Thru-wall heat venting

    I'm looking for a well-built fan with rectangular housing to install in-wall to move heat between rooms when I'm augmenting our heating with a woodstove. I want the fan to have a gravity-controlled...
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    In-wall fan

    I am trying to find a thru-wall fan to move air heated by a woodstove from one room to another. The several models I've seen in my price range ($150 or so) do not appear to have a baffle to close off...
  5. Re: no insulation beneath back of house addition?

    I would recommend getting under the addition and insulating with fiberglass, vapor barrier up, and covering tightly with plywood or other wood sheathing so no rodents can get in, perhaps even...
  6. Re: Replacing Insulation from Exterior of Home

    Hello, I"m an amateur at insulating as to answering your query, but I know the principle concern of vapor-barrier installation is to prevent moisture from the warmer, interior air getting trapped...
  7. Re: Insulating unwalled void under a raised cold room

    Hello in Toronto, My brief experience as an installation installer ( with a half-assed gov't program -- so view my advice circumspectly) tells me you should definitely cover the ground under the...
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    Re: vapor barrier -- extra wide

    I've got a thing against plastic when I can avoid it (which isn't often). As I mentioned I had the foil-faced paper designed for the job. An acquaintance suggested, as you did, that I might use...
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    vapor barrier -- extra wide

    My house has wall bays sometimes wider than 2 feet. I had foil-faced paper in a roll 36 or 40 inches wide, but I've now used it up and can't find a manufacturer or distributor. Any help out there...
  10. Re: Any info. appreciated about blown insulation into interior walls.

    You're probably finished with your project by now, but, for what it's worth, I did blown-cellulose for a public-welfare outfit in the '70s, and we blew it in from near the top of the bays -- after...
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