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    Re: Old floor underlayment - asbestos?

    Thanks! Definitely not first thought was rosin paper but I thought I'd double-check with the good folks here.
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    Old floor underlayment - asbestos?

    Back with another question about a problem uncovered in my 1881 Victorian...

    I'm taking up some nailed-down thin plank flooring in the guest room that's in horrible shape and ran into a paper...
  3. Re: Asbestos in old sand textured paint?

    Thanks for the info and advice! I obviously won't be scraping at it if it's full of silica particles, but this is helpful.

    It's painted over wallpaper, so I'm hoping I can loosen the edge, as I...
  4. Asbestos in old sand textured paint?

    Hi all,

    A big section of wallpaper came loose in my living room a few days ago, and revealed a coat of sand-textured paint (the slightly nubby type that feels like sandpaper when you touch it, NOT...
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