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    shot seat or fittting in old tub fixture

    So I go the handle, the ceramic stem cover and stem off. I cleaned off all the gunk and lots of calcium build up and when I looked in to check the seat, I noticed the housing around the seat was...
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    Re: Help to remove bathtub facets for repair.

    Hey I just did this...I wen to the plumbing store-they sold me for $15 a "puller" or a screw on handle remover. I think its a bit like what you use for a car to remove the steering wheel. It was well...
  3. Re: OLD bath faucet leaks, but is grouted to the wall least one of the bathrooms was just really hardened caulk.
    New problem the seats are bad....on both Hot and cold the area around the actual point of contact of the seat is dissolved. I am...
  4. OLD bath faucet leaks, but is grouted to the wall

    So I just (for the first time) replaced all the rubber components in my 1950 bathroom sink which had leaked. Next the shower/bath, wall mounted original hot and colds. There are two baths, both drip....
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