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  1. Re: painting brick fireplace in Craftsman bungalow

    How about putting drywall over it instead, so future owners can remove it easily? Put drywall up to a mantelpiece, then you have less brick showing.
  2. Re: How to remove dust from joint compound surafce without removing the joint compoun

    Aha! I had no idea, all the articles I've been reading on painting make it seem like primer's an inferior paint that's just had all the durable-ness left out to make it cheap so it can be soaked up...
  3. How to remove dust from joint compound surafce without removing the joint compound

    I'm using ready-mixed Ace brand joint compound, doing a thin skim coat on plasterboard walls that were paneled. There's a coat of primer over the first rough patching, but when I'm putting the next...
  4. Re: Must I wash with DAP if I've already sanded the walls?

    Thanks for your reply, Jack.

    There isn't actually any bare drywall. There are two layers of paint on most of the walls, some patches where one layer has come off, shellacked patches where the...
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    Re: painting stained woodwork white

    I'm halfway through doing this, so I'm not sure on the longevity of my method.

    My advice is to use Zinsser primer rather than Kilz. The Kilz is much thicker, and the brush marks are very very...
  6. Must I wash with TSP if I've already sanded the walls?

    I removed the wallpaper, washed and sc****d down the walls, shellacked any ripped paper on the drywall, filled holes with lightweight spackle, skim coated part of it with joint compound and then...
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    Re: Kitchen cabinets - brush or spray?

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    I think we'll try spraying, the house is empty so we can cover everything with plastic and get a perfect finish.
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    Kitchen cabinets - brush or spray?

    And if brush, which brand is the best?

    I'll be painting dark knotted cabinets white, priming then painting, in an empty house or outside. Is it worthwhile to spray them? Or can I simply and easily...
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