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  1. Re: Re-plumbing slab pipes with PEX in attic

    The challanges you face are, the fire cats that are nailed in the wall, they are boards installed horizontally, you may have to cut out sheetrock to get to them & drill holes for the pex & run them...
  2. Re: A cheap way to rebuild cordless tool battery packs.

    I tried that years ago to no avail, these cells were dried out, even if you change the 1 or 2 that are bad, if you take the pack apart, most of the time you are gonna find out that they have leaked...
  3. cordless battery pack rebuild service

    Is you drill batteries dead, are you in need of a new one, we can rebuild your battery pack, Better Than New, we gaurentee it, we give a standard 6 month warranty with 1 hr quick charger.

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