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  1. Re: Peeling paint on old galvanized metal roof

    Your roof is 100 years old ??? I wouldn't complain one bit.

    It might be pricey, but I'd at least do a test with HammeRite paint
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    Re: Leaky Faucet

    Take pictures and post on the Terry Love Plumbing Forum.

    Generally we replace older faucets as plumbers charge $150 per hour to chase down those parts.
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    Re: Water pooling in Garage

    McGyver moment -

    What about installing big, powerful fans to blow off the water just like the exit of a car wash ?

    Install a laser beam when broken by the approaching car turns on the blowers...
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    Re: Water pooling in Garage

    There isn't anything that my skills and your money can't achieve.

    Sure you can have a newly sloped garage floor. What is is worth to you in whole dollars? More than the occasional puddle ?
  5. Re: replacing windows that have weights

    Normally we use 'replacement' aka finless winders in this application.

    Cut the ropes, pull out the trim holding the inner winder, remove inner winder, remove the stock wood between the two...
  6. Re: House lights dim with large appliance

    It may also be your meter.
  7. Re: Possible New House has foundation problems & leaking sewage line - is it worth it

    Years ago we looked at a historic property a few blocks from my home.

    Price was reduced to 500k. New winders alone would run $100k. Then there was the huge hole in the roof that had been there a...
  8. Re: Possible New House has foundation problems & leaking sewage line - is it worth it

    Unless you can get it for a low low low price, I'd run away as fast as possible.

    Calculate the cost of repairs, triple that, deduct that amount from the asking price.
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    Re: Horizontal cracks on wall

    The large sheets of drywall were probably hung horizontally, which explains the 4 foot tall lines. What you are doing is repairing cracked drywall at the seams. YouTube should have some nice videos...
  10. Re: Any idea what this is? "Dots" on brick and underside of floor.

    What do they taste like ?
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    Re: Removed brick planter

    Ask a local mason.

    Is the wall load bearing ?
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    Re: Skylight Installation

    Got pics ?

    What do the skylight instructions say ?
  13. Re: HELP!! Level or stabilize? that is the question!!

    That's a hard call only you can make.

    The 4th guy is right though. You'll get some of it level, but not all of it. Probably not most. Stabilize and live with the "charm" of an older home.
  14. Re: keeping deer from eating flowers/vegetables

    You can also plant tastier plants at your neighbor's house
  15. Re: Sheetrock or drywall behind built-ins?

    My local fire code requires a continuous envelope of drywall (or better) in all living spaces and attached garages. Taped and floated
  16. Re: Why does water sprinkle out of the shower head randomly?

    This happens often with rain heads.

    What type of shower head do you have ?
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    Re: Reusing old tile

    I'd make some sort of shallow jig to hold the tiles, then using a right angle grinder outfitted with a diamond cup wheel , clean off the back sides.
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    Re: Attempting a Living Fence

    What they said.

    And by all means avoid bamboo like the plague.
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    Re: Driveway shifting in winter

    Moving to South Texas took care of my freezing problems.

    I agree with the above statement, sounds like normal frost heave to me. To eliminate the frost heave, you'd have to eliminate the water...
  20. Re: painting over semi-gloss all options?

    Relax and repaint. You'll be fine.
  21. Re: Need advice for gap under door frame

    To protect the floors and save on headaches, just replace the trim. Feel free to take your anger out on the old trim by breaking it into little pieces before burning it.
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    Re: Water Hammer Arrestor

    How high is the static water pressure in your home ?
  23. Re: Using the new drains to create curbless shower

    Schluter makes a ramp outside / ramp inside kit to be placed above a fixed floor.

    There are a number of other issues involved. Head on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum and start a thread with...
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    Re: Ridge Vent

    Ridge venting is easy to add. Costly in materials, but easy to add. If you are insulating as described, then a roof vent is in order.
  25. Re: Installing a barn door that is not drafty

    Install a tight fitting door at the top of the stairway ?
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