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    Re: Wireless Doorbells

    It's my experience that the batteries in the transmitter don't last any time at all. Better if you wire up a regular doorbell or get loud knocker mounted on the door (that's what I did).
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    Re: Removing my ground wire, help?

    Ditto on getting an electrician. The neutral and ground should be tied together ONLY at the main disconnect. But if turning off the main does not turn off ALL of your loads, it sounds like someone...
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    Re: Whole House Surge Protector

    I'm a meter tech for a local utility. If your neighbors are having problems with surges, there may be grounding issues with the primary neutral, secondary neutral or service panel grounding. You as...
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    Re: Buried cable to garage

    Just be aware that if you feed a "small sub-panel" you have created a "feeder", instead of a branch circuit, which requires ground rods at the garage, since it's a separate building. At least...
  5. Re: Lose power in part of house, A/C Coil hums

    Glad you found the problem. Most power companies have several houses on one transformer, so if a "hot leg" has a bad connection at the transformer, all of the houses will have a similar problem. ...
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    Re: Two Breakers in a Single Switch Plate

    Yup. Pretty common. The only rule I know of is that you can't have two circuits on the same "yoke". meaning switch, receptacle, etc. That's why you need a voltage tester to make sure it's safe to...
  7. Re: Breaker in circuit panel box keeps popping

    Just an edit to the edit...true that an extension cord will not increase current.....but it can cause a motor operated device (such as a fan) to stall due to low voltage and thus draw more current...
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    Re: intermittent low lvoltage lproblem

    Shocks from a water pipe means you have a bad bond between your neutral (white wire) and ground. The neutral should be bonded to ground and to the service panel sheetmetal at the main disconnect...
  9. Re: Breaker in circuit panel box keeps popping

    Ohm's Law....amps = watts / volts.... so if your heater is rated at 1500 watts and 120 volts (standard plug), then you would be drawing 12.5 amps just for the heater. Add a few lights, TV, etc. and...
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    Re: Air conditioner outlet troubles

    If the left hand prong is horizontal, it's a 20A 120V plug. If the right one is horizontal, it's a 240V plug. That's so you can't plug in the wrong thing. You need to get a timer similar to one...
  11. Re: Wiring - Please answer if your a certified electrician

    Without a voltage tester, it's tough. Here's what I'd do. Hook you light to the white bundle and one of the black bundles. If it comes on, see if the switch turns it off. If no, try the...
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    Re: Perplexing electrical problem

    The wand only reads the "hot" wire, since the neutral is grounded at the service. If your wand lights up while near a neutral, you have an open neutral (you can hold your fingers over the end of the...
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    Re: Portable Generators - advice requested

    As was stated before, just be sure you read the ratings. Some are rated "peak watts" and others are "continuous". The starting current of the pump motor may stall out a unit that's too small.
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    Re: Help for a friend...

    The lights are wired in parallel somehow. Switch wiring looks OK, so it's probably at the lights somewhere. You'll just have to open up each fixture and inspect the wiring. Somewhere, you'll find...
  15. Re: voltage sag/ lights dim/UPC-battery backup clicks

    You said the power company saw a 10V drop on the recorder. They should have also recorded current to see if it is your load causing the drop or someone else on the same transformer. Ask 'em to come...
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    Re: High Kilowatt-Hr useage year-round

    You can tell what your "demand" is by timing the revolutions of the meter disk. Demand is the power (KW) you are currently using. Use this same amount for an hour and it's kilowatt-hours.

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    Re: Circuit Breakers/Duplex Outles

    Thanks. I humbly stand corrected. Since most of my experience is commercial, we only use combination 15/20A receptacles, where one side has a "T" shaped slot for either type of cord cap. Also, no...
  18. Re: Why are so many of my light bulbs burning out all of a sudden?

    Just a thought, but do any of your lights dim in some parts of your house while others get brighter? That's an indication of a bad neutral connection on you service. It can fry things pretty...
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    Re: Circuit Breakers/Duplex Outles

    You can't use 15A receptacles with a 20A breaker because the breaker rating is higher than the rating of the receptacles, OK to use 20A recepts on a 15A circuit, but not vice versa. 20A recepts...
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    Re: Moving breaker box

    By breaker box, if you mean a sub-panel, you are talking about a lot of wiring changes but you can just turn off the breaker to the panel and need not involve the power company. If you mean the...
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    Re: Upgrade to 200Amp service

    As far as the power company goes, when you have them come to disconnect your service to do the work, ask them if you need to go into the office to apply for the higher size service. Likely there...
  22. Thread: Sub panel

    by Vern Smith

    Re: Sub panel

    If you are feeding a separate building, you will need a separate grounding electrode system as well as other requirements specific to pool equipment. Use an electrician. Water and electricity can...
  23. Re: Received a shock froum the ground (dirt) outside my house

    You are going to have to do some detective work. Since you know what breaker stops the problem, you need to begin at the breaker panel and try to trace the wire to each outlet. Somewhere, you are...
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    Re: Attractive Electric Meter Box/Base????

    I'm a meter tech for the local utility. I agree that the service panels are ugly. Check with your local utility to see if they allow decorative enclosures over the meter panel We do. Most meters...
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