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    Ceiling fans, old wiring, discouraging..

    We have a smaller house(1300sf) built in 1920. We have a new electrical panel, but most of our wiring is old knob and tube. I think the kitchen and bathroom have been updated.

    We'd like to...
  2. Re: Sure, they're more efficient, but how's the quality?

    It's sad. We have an old, old GE range. Really ugly brown thing, but it works very well. It will never die.

    Now we're rethinking the whole thing. The size of the new a/c units was shocking! ...
  3. Sure, they're more efficient, but how's the quality?

    Hi! We have an older house (1920) with a great Rheem furnace from 1974. In our 20 years here, it's never given us any trouble. We replaced the thermocoupler (?) a few times. Heats very well. Quiet....
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    Re: New cord sash vs spring

    I think he is talking about new jamb liners, not a replacement sash. And I swear he said they'd tilt. He quoted us close to $200 per window. We're thinking of having a few done to see if we like it....
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    New cord sash vs spring

    A number of our old double hung windows have broken ropes. They either don't open, or won't stay open. We thought we'd replace the rope, but then a repairperson mentioned replacing the old rope and...
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    dricore on uneven basement floor

    We have a 90 year old small basement. We had some small water problems, so we had it waterproofed last year. Haven't had any problems since, but it still can be somewhat damp down there. We'd...
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