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    Re: Our new/old home blog

    this will be fun to watch. just please let us know when it's updated so we don't forget about it.
  2. Re: Heated floor under a shower, is that legal/safe?

    i've installed a heated floor in a shower multiple times. this can be done. below the copper pan and on top of the subfloor you put the mat with a 1/4 layer of floor leveler or thinset on it. then...
  3. Re: radiant floor with steam radiator?

    you definitely cannot have radiant floor heat off of a steam boiler.

    you can install electric radiant floor heat. if it's for a bathroom it's not very expensive to run.
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    Re: Lifting old T&G flooring

    it can be done but it's very difficult and time consuming. how easy it is depends what kind of fasteners were used and the wood that they were nailed into. if you're lucky you have an old pine...
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    Re: Hot Water Line

    if you have 3/4" supply lines it can take a long time for the water to come out hot. one possible solution is a circulating pump placed on the furthest faucet from the hot water heater. ask a...
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    Re: Cracked grout, cracked grout

    you can get a matching grout with latex in a caulking tube. caulk the joint with this as it allows for minor expansion and movement. most of the grout manufacturers make a matching grout/caulk
  7. Re: Am I an idiot for assuming 1x8 s would all be the same size?

    if you don't have one, rent a table saw for the day and rip them all to 7". it will only take 10-20 minutes.
  8. Re: Need a solution to an odd basement floor issue

    there are companies out there that can grind and smooth a concrete floor. i would call a concrete cutter and maybe he/she can lead you in the right direction or to the right company.
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    Re: soundproofing on a side yard

    there's multiple ways you can soundproof. they vary from Roxul insulation in the stud bays.....double layer of drywall.....building a secondary interior wall.....adding a layer of soundboard over...
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    Re: Basement finishing

    you can predrill holes and use tapcon screws

    you can use a ramset and shoot nails

    you can predrill and use concrete anchors

    any type or adhesive is not recommended and make sure that the...
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    Re: 1860 Home with Low Ceilings

    cut a small hole that you can easily patch, grab a flashlight and take a peek up there.
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    Re: Old window opening

    since it's going to be in a shower and getting wet all the time, i would install a new construction awning window up high in the shower.
  13. Re: need advises: plan to add a new 2nd FL bathroom, but main stack is 30' away...

    and you'll have to install a new vent through the roof above the new bathroom
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    Re: Replace a broken floor joist

    another vote for sistering.

    how i would go about it......cut your new joist to the same length as the old one. liquid nails all over the side of the new joist. put the new joist in place, crown...
  15. Re: How to tackle outer wall for new bathroom in 90+ yr old house

    strip everything down to the brick and take some more pics and post them for us to see as my answer might change after that.

    chances are that you will have to fur out the brick wall. any wood...
  16. Re: Balloon Framing Foundation Sill Replacement

    i'd love to see some photos of this. you can post pics here but many people, me included, seem to have a problem doing so. most people upload to a photo sharing site then just post the link here.
  17. Re: Balloon Framing Foundation Sill Replacement

    what you say he told you makes plenty of sense to me. sounds like a decent plan.
  18. Re: Balloon Framing Foundation Sill Replacement

    Houston is right. you need to support the house to replace a sill no matter how small it is. There's probably about 10 different ways to do it depending on the structure of your house. sill...
  19. Re: Drip from ceiling, below bathroom, but what is it?

    sounds more like a waste pipe than a water supply pipe to me. don't forget, the sink, toilet and if you have a tub or shower up there are all utilizing the same waste pipe.
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    Re: Save Wall Anchor

    just use a butterfly anchor, that should solve the problem
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    Re: how to sell carving abilities

    or place an ad for your services on craigslist
  22. Re: Episode #1311, Rotate Toilet questions

    i noticed the same thing regarding the toilet being 12" from the wall. you are correct that from the centerline of the toilet to the wall you're supposed to have 15" and i don't believe it's...
  23. Re: Porcelain Tile (12x24) Grouting & Sealing

    ordjen is right, you don't have to seal porcelain tile. the grout can be sealed but first check to see if he installed a grout with a sealer built into it.

    as for the grout line. grout is not...
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    Re: another fascinating video

    now that's spooky looking
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    another fascinating video

    pretty amazing lap joint.
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