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    Possible water damage on floor?

    So I live in a former FEMA trailer when I'm at work. And this particular one has a large section of floor where the linoleum is rippled and looks like it has come up from the actual floor of the...
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    Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

    I definitely agree with the suggestion of a gift card for the local home improvement store. Either that, or if you know what the person has, some sort of tool that they might need.

    Also, a plant...
  3. Re: old painted hardware to bronze finish

    Ooh, I'm going to have to try this. Lots of original door hardware in my 1914 Craftsman, and it's covered in silly paint. Might have to try something to get it back to the color it should be.
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    Re: 1914 bungalow project.

    Well, some success. I attacked some of the carpets with 409 Carpet Cleaner Foam, and it helped quite a bit! I'm still waiting on a steamer to deal with a few spots, but thankfully it seems that most...
  5. Re: Gas vs. Electric; Separate Oven/Range vs. Combined?

    I've found gas to be a lot easier to control, especially if you're very particular about cooking. Electric can go far too hot and generally be difficult.
    Right now, I'm cooking on a gas stove and...
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    Re: 1914 bungalow project.

    I've been using a lot of vinegar lately, and it's working well. After a bit of work on the carpets, apparently they're in less bad shape than we'd anticipated- looks like most of the damage is...
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    1914 bungalow project.

    Technically this isn't my house, but I've been given free reign to do literally whatever I want. I'm living with people who have a few health problems, and are grateful for someone young and happy to...
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    Re: Computer game room

    You most definitely want wired internet for this. Great idea! Having a specific place for gaming for kids is really good.
  9. Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    Just moved (again), have free reign to do what I want. Have to paint at least two rooms, rip up most of the carpet and replace it with tile or hardwood, insulate a bathroom, build a chicken coop, put...
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    Awful carpet.

    I moved into a house that has lots of cats, and some of the carpets are really scary. If they're covered in cat waste, should I just rip them up and put in something easier to clean? Or is this...
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    Re: Best flooring material for bedroom?

    How tough is laminate? I'm living with lots of cats and really want to rip up the old and gross bedroom carpet in favor of wood laminate. Will lots of cats be likely to wreck the floor?
  12. Sticky: Re: OUR MOST EMAILED QUESTIONS: Practical gift ideas for new homeowners

    Small tool sets are so useful. As are dish towels.

    There are lots of easy home upkeep books out there specifically tailored to new homeowners, and they are very helpful.
  13. Re: Paint splitting/cracking in our bathroom

    Oh hey, that sounds like my bathroom. Most of the windowsill paint is peeling and so are the walls. I don't have a fan, so I'm thinking it's moisture also? Leaving the window open does help a little.
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    Mold around tub

    I'm renting an old Victorian that hasn't been well cared for. One of the major issues I've been fighting is the bathroom moisture- due to lack of ventilation and lack of caring, there is some mold in...
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    Knob and tube wiring?

    I know this has probably been tossed around a billion times...

    I'm renting an old Victorian that has barely had any work done on it since it was built. In one of my excursions to our creepy...
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