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  1. Sticky: Poll: Re: Log in or register to vote for the August 2013 cover of This Old House Magazine

    I actually don't like either. The one has a bed against a wall...murder to change...and the other has a bathroom sink with all the plumbing exposed. Hip and trendy but a waste of space. (unless you...
  2. Re: TOH Editors want to know: Any renovation/relationship disasters?

    My mother and father had a small cable coumpany that was in a new housing division. People bought their lot and started building their "dream" home. My mother who did the book keeping and could see...
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    Re: cypress planked walls

    In a balloon type building I would not suggest removing the shiplap planking as it is part of the structural integrity of the building. I have the same problem and adding drywall is a pain. To do it...
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