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  1. dumb question about watching episodes ******...

    I am so sorry if this is a dumb question - we sat down the other day to watch some of the Belmont Victorian episodes, and it seemed to me that to get to Episode 1, I had to start at Episode 15 which...
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    Re: Replacement drum trap cover?

    Thanks - I can get it out fine with my big pipe wrench to clean the soap gunk out of the trap - it's brass, and I think it's fine threaded. I was just hoping to replace it with something with a lip...
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    Replacement drum trap cover?

    I have a drum trap/cleanout in the floor of my 1929-30 house in Baltimore, and I'd like to replace the cover with something a little better looking than the original. A neighbor has one with a...
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    buffing scratch from stainless sink?

    I replaced my old kitchen sink last year and it looked very nice, until last month I scratched it - my daughter had cooked something with dough and left some blobs in the sink till I found them hours...
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    lifting vinyl floor off old bathroom tile

    I live in a house built in 1929 that once had lots of period details, but these were mostly obliterated in a redo in about 1990 - a gentleman with a lot of friends and energy, and not a lot of money,...
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