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    Interior wooden french doors

    I need to know the best way to weatherstrip a pair of older wooden French doors. These doors are located inside the house but also come in from a enclosed front porch into the rest of the house. The...
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    stain over wood filler

    we are redoing sisters cabinets in kitchen we sanded off all old varnish. The previous owner had a hoverround and gouged a big hole in the wood. it is a round sided cabinet and it is right in the...
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    wiring a blower switch for fireplace

    we need help how to wire a blower motor switch to a fireplace?
  4. need help building round flowerbed out of stone landscape blocks

    the blocks we have a lip where they are suppose to hook together. how do we stack these so they interlock and then lock the caps on them?
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    need to remove garage door adhesive

    hi we put vinyl strips under our garage doors to keep the water out.they were put down with adhevise on the concrete and now we need to remove it. we had new doors put in and need to move the strips ...
  6. Re: What's on your around the house to-do list in June?

    hopefully tear out car siding on porch we have enclosed and drywall it. would love to tear out unused chimney in kitchen to make a wider doorway so heat and air can flow through to kitchen better.
  7. tool to determine how much insulation is in a plaster and lathe wall

    i was wondering if there is a gadget to determine how much insulation is inside a plaster and lathe wall? i know it settles and it was blown in all over in about 1985. we live in iowa and each year...
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    need to lower ceiling in bathroom

    we want to drywall our small bathroom but the ceiling is almost 9feet we want to drop it down to 8 feet to make drywalling the sides easier. Does any one know how to frame the ceiling so we can...
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    Re: the wall made of everything

    as far as the painted wallpaper goes remove it as any wallpaper, i had painted some in our home then decided to strip it and texture the plaster then paint. it is a messy job but i wet it down and...
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    toilet overflowed

    help our stool upstairs overflowed and soaked the carpet and pad, it also seeped through to my tile cieling in the living room, eventually i want to drywall the ceiling and don't want this to happen...
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    laminate floor

    we installed a tile laminate floor. now my problem is that my table slides everywhere and the chairs are on rollers so they are constantly rolling everywhere, my question is does anyone have any...
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